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Tax 1% donation for a Jewish community NGO A Mozaik Zsidó Közösségi Hub 1%-os kampánya a közösségi civil szervezetek munkájára és támogatásuk fontosságára szeretné felhívni a figyelmet. Körül-belül 20, hitközségektől és vallási szervezetektől független szervezetre, melyek az oktatás, a kultúra, a tradíció, a szociális ügyek, vagy a közösségépítés területén tevékenykednek. Törekvéseik, munkájuk és a közösségbe fektetett erőforrásaik sokszínűbbé, gazdagabbá és erősebbé teszik a magyarországi zsidó közösséget. Adó 1 %-unk felajánlása egy ilyen szervezet számára az egyik módja annak, hogy mi is hozzájáruljunk a zsidó közösség fenntarthatóságához és fejlődéséhez. Read more
Jewish community for beginners and experts - video series A new, 18-part online video series called Jewish community for Beginners and Experts has been published. The series, which features the lectures of Dr. Gabor Balazs philosopher, was created by Mozaik Hub, Balint JCC, Lauder Javne School, and Haver Foundation. Read more
LGBTQ inclusion in the Jewish Community - Educational booklet Educational booklet created in the framework of the community forum on LGBTQ inclusion. Knowledge, stories, tools on the topic for Jewish community professionals, volunteers and lay leaders. Read more
Seminar in Israel for Jewish community professionals and activists In March 2017, 13 Jewish community professionals and activists are participating in a seminar in Israel. The program is the extension of the Mozaik Hub’s efforts to build professional capacity of NGOs and to create a more networked ecosystem for organizations and new initiatives in the Jewish community. The seminar is organized and implemented in cooperation with the Buncher Community Leadership Program in Israel. Read more
Junction programs for young Jewish leaders Junction, an initiative of the JDC, the Schusterman Foundation, and YESOD, seeks to empower young Jewish adults and professionals to engage with the pan-European Jewish community by providing innovative international opportunities that connect them to each other and to meaningful, relevant, and forward-looking Jewish spaces. Read more
Vision of Jewish Youth about the community - 3rd forum event The Vision of Jewish Youth About the Community forum series’ third event took place on January 19th 2017 at the Mozaik Hub. The full-day program was attended by 15 people representing 12 Jewish community organizations and initiatives, working with young people. Resource development, the main topic of the event, was chosen by the participants during the first forum meeting in December 2015. In that forum the participants identified four areas that could be strategically crucial from the community’s perspective; in addition to resource development, outreach, resource development, and the creation of a permanent civil community platform were mentioned. Read more
Nonprofit management trainings again from February After a successful automn-winter training period, we continue are trainings and workshop from February 2017. Our trainings are free of charge for nonprofit leaders, professionals and volunteers. Read more
Autumn at Mozaik Hub The autumn season was in fact a busy time at the Mozaik Jewish Community Hub. More and more NGO professionals are attending our trainings, and we have started to work with new organizations and project teams besides older ones. Meanwhile Hub member organizations have organized quite a few impressive programs, some of them also in the Hub. In addition to all these, we saw the vibrant Jewish community life around us with some great moments and challenges as well. Read more
A week dedicated to the refugees On the 2nd of October we all have to make an important decision. For this reason, the progressive communities, Bét Orim, Dor Hadas, Marom and Sim Shalom will come together for prayer this Saturday morning, to express their solidarity with refugees. Mozaik Hub has collected some inspiring international responses to the refugee crisis. Read more
Jewish Solidarity Service for Refugees The Beit Orim Community, Dor Hadash Budapes, Marom Budapest and the Sim Shalom Congregation are organizing a joint progressive service to express solidarity with migrants. Read more
Forum on Social responsibility in the Jewish community The forum’s goal is to provide a communication platform for the representatives of those institutions, organizations, and initiatives in the Jewish community that are active in social care. The long term goals is to support collective thinking and to help them cooperate. Read more
A short video about the everyday life of the Mozaik Hub Have a look at our work in the Mozaik Hub! Read more
Vision of Jewish youth about the community – 2nd forum event 15 representatives of community organizations and initiatives dealing with young people have attended our forum in the Mozaik Hub. They have discussed organizational and community communication, as well as Jewish community journalism with the invited experts. Read more
8 trainings, 5 topics, 56 participants Project management, resource development, volunteer management, financial management, as well as communication and problem solving. Read more
LGBTQI friendly Shabbat Shacharit service It has already become a tradition throughout the past couple of years that at the Budapest Pride Festival three egalitarian Jewish communities jointly hold a Shabbat morning service to declare support for the LGBTQI community. We stick to it in 2016 as well. Read more
LGBTQ Jewish community forum 2nd part – seminar The Jewish community forum on LGBTQ inclusion, which started in March 2016, reached a new stage in May. A whole-day seminar was organized in Mozaik Hub as its second meeting. Read more
Apply to the 2016 Paideia Project-Incubator program The Project-Incubator is a method-oriented 10-day summer program focusing on acquiring the necessary tools and support structures for getting projects off the ground. It provides some eight hours of scheduled activities each day, cultural and social programming at night and four hours of individual tutoring time for each participant during the program. Read more
Call for Jewish community NGOs for organizing programs at Bankito Festival 2016 Open call of Marom Association organizers of the Bankito Festival. Mozaik Hub affiliated member Marom Association is awaiting applications of Jewish community NGOs for organizing programs at this years's festival. Read more
LGBTQ integration in the Jewish community - a forum series On 17th March 2016 the first community forum on LGBTQ inclusion was organized in the Mozaik Jewish Community Hub. Initiated by the Balint JCC and the Mozaik Hub, the forum’s main goal was to start a dialog with organizational and community leaders about LGBTQ inclusion in the Jewish community of Hungary. Read more
Vision of Jewish youth about the community - forum event The forum, Vision of Jewish youth took place in the Mozaik Jewish Community in December 2015 The event was organized in partnership with the Tom Lantos Institute and the Mazsihisz (Federation) Youth Council. 15 young professionals and activists from 12 organizations and programs participated in the forum. Read more
Cafe Centropa Read more
Common ground educational program Between the 8th and 10th of January 2016 the Common Ground Educational Program held its very first meeting at the Youth Center of the Council of Europe in Budapest. The Common Ground Program is an initiative of the Wesley János School, the Tevan Foundation, the Uccu Foundation, the Haver Foundation and the Centropa Foundation. Read more
Talmud not only for women Talmud not only for women is a series of lectures combined with hevruta discussions Read more
Limmud day in December Read more
Centropa Seminar for Hungarian classroom teachers With the partnership of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the Dutch Humanitair Fonds, the Association of Hungarian History Teachers, the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives, and the Haver Foundation, Centropa Hungary held a seminar between 4-6 of December 2015 in Debrecen for 32 classroom teachers from all over the country. Read more

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