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Resident members

Centropa Hungary
Centropa is a non-profit, Jewish historical institute dedicated to preserving 20th century Jewish family stories and photos from Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and disseminating these stories and photos through films, books and exhibitions. Centropa’s goal is to preserve Jewish memory and heritage, and also to develop and make available methods and tools that help using new technologies in education. With our unique program we create innovative materials that are useful in both formal and informal education. Read more

Haver Informal Jewish Educational Foundation
A non-profit organization established in 2002, Haver Foundation stands with individuals and educational organizations and institutions – mostly high schools and universities – to promote a diverse and inclusive society in Hungary. Haver works to combat anti-semitism and discrimination and to promote social cohesion through dialogue, training, and education. We aim to start an open and honest discussion and dialog between Jews and non-Jews that leads to tolerance and common understanding. Read more 

Hillel Hungary
Hillel Hungary’s mission is to create a young intellectual and professional Jewish community in which young Jews can help and support each other both personally and professionally. As a Jewish university student organization Hillel operates in the universities and also outside of them, to create a community for people between the age of 18 and 30 where they can belong. Read more

Limmud Hungary
Limmud is a voluntary based and organized festival and collective learning event, which strives to present and explore every aspect of Judaism – from religion to sport, from culinary to theater. Limmud’s mission is to allow each Jew to take one step forward on his or her Jewish journey. Limmud seeks to create a space in which all Jews can explore the various facets of Jewish culture and their Jewish identity.  Limmud Hungary has been operating based on the UK modell from 2009. Read more


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