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Hub Up projects

Hub Up projects reflects our understanding that not all Jewish life needs to be arranged through organizations, and some of the most creative and impactful influences on a community can come from individuals or groups having an idea for a project


Have you got a project idea or plan and need assistance to realize it? Do you need partners, professional support or resources to launch you project? 

The Mozaik Hub is open for all initiators and community activists, that want to make their project happen, and need professional or financial support.   

How does the Mozaik Hub contribute to the success of your project or initiative? 

By providing

  • a workstation in the Mozaik Hub's coworking space
  • customized professional support in the form of consultation and mentoring  
  • shared space for meetings and gatherings
  • equipment and tools.

We give extra attention to all project ideas and plans which we receive at the Hub –  we call these projects Hub Up initiatives. The Mozaik Hub’s intention is to become a ‘go-to place’ for Jewish community entrepreneurship. Our goal is to have 5-6 Hub Up projects supported in this way every year. Recruitment for them will be done through Szarvas as well as public competitions and awards. 

Besides the opportunities mentioned you can also apply for a microgrant with your Hub Up initiative. About our microgrants you can read more here. (Please note that only projects and initiatives from Hungary are eligible to receive a microgrant.)

If you are interested in to learn more about these opportunities, and would like to apply with your project or initiative please contact us. 



Talmud not only for women
Project area: Learning, community
Number of professionals: 2
Number of volunteers: 1
Time frame:
Budget: USD 5000
Goals: The "Talmud not only for women" project was launched in December 2014 with the aim to bring closer Jewish texts to our contemporary lives. With the help of invited guest lecturers all participants have the chance to deepen their knowledge in topics that are related to our times but were also discussed by our sages. Activity: Lectures, discussions, group learning and hevruta. Educational programs with invited lecturers. Outcome: We believe that our educational sessions can bring closer members of Jewish micro-communities in Budapest and it can foster dialog and common understanding. On the long term we believe this can contribute to possible future co-operations.
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Charity Taxi
Project area: social service, education, community
Number of professionals: 1
Number of volunteers: 5
Time frame:
Budget: USD 4400
Goals: Our goal is to collect and take the donation supplies of Budapest to people in need. We combine our activity with community building and sensitizing programs. Activity: Charity taxi is a multi-functional project which combines the elements of charity, volunteering, community building and social sensitizing. Thanks to our special collecting method we can involve a great amount of people in the program. The donations are always taken to marginalized communities. We are making an effort to engage as much youngsters throughout our work as we can. Our long term goal is to build up a network and make a deeper impact on the life of our supported villages. Outcome: Even if the activities of Charity taxi are only symptomatic treatments, hopefully we can help an increasing number of people to realize the positive effects of civil initiatives, helping others and the spirit of community.
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